Deep Performance Insights

Howling Reviews compiles information from all over the internet and using machine learning coupled with sentiment analysis, you are able to get deep performance and actionable insights.

You can use the same technology to view your competitors insights also ! Create competitive intelligence driven reports, updated in real-time.

Actionable insights for local business

Consumers generate a wealth of information directly of which the data is available to local businesses. Analyzing data from social media, online behavior and review platforms can provide you actionable insights based on what customers think about your local business and give your local business and edge over your competition.

The data that is accessible is promptly accessible and doesn’t require conveying mass studies which can be moderate and costly. We comprehend that most organizations don’t have the foggiest idea of how and where to discover this information. Crying Reviews deals with finding and assembling the entirety of this information for you. We divert unstructured and uncategorized input from everywhere throughout the web and transform it into data that is objective, information-driven, and significant.

Make a difference with Performance Insights

On-demand competitive intelligence

On-demand competitive intelligence analyzes customer sentiment on your local competition to spot opportunities and weaknesses that your business can capitalize on. 

Howling Reviews users can generate insights that increase their local business PPC ads and Google 3-Pack (maps) click-through rates.

Machine learning made easy

Everyone loves buzz-words like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning however the complexity of these types of technology usually scares most small and local business owners. Howling Reviews takes care of all the complex “techie” stuff on the backend while providing you a simple interface that allows you to manage your business review and reputation.

Howling Reviews uses machine learning to analyze every word written online about your local business and/or brand. Our trend recognition capabilities automates the process of detecting, segmenting and notifying you of the gathered insights. 

Create team incentives based on metrics that matter most

Rewarding team members on bottom-line metrics like profit,  sometimes fail to motivate staff  members that have little to no direct influence on the business as a whole.

Performance Insights let you as a local business owner, track and reward employees based on customer satisfaction; something anyone in a customer facing role can directly influence creating a stronger motivation to provide outstanding service.